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Learning by doing

The gathering of the staffers below has as main goal to advance the quality and sustainability of community youth development agenda by means of the European Voluntary Service. Additionally, they work to make sure that an increasing number of organizations get involved in the EVS action.


EI Ref: 2009- RO - 8

Duration of Service: 6 Months

Period of EVS Service:August 15th, 2009  -  February 15th, 2010

Number of Volunteers: 11

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The European Platform for Youth Development (EPYD) is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical body based on regional cooperation between the European Union and partner countries from SEE & Caucasus created in 2005 (It was juridical set up in 2007).
EPYD's mission is to increase the quality & accountability, support the development, lobby for the recognition, and advocate the active participation of organizations working in the youth field.

EPYD has emerged as an innovative tool to work on the lack of recognition and validation of youth work, poor quality of international youth projects and scarcity of capacity building and sustainable development in the youth field. EPYD is to counteract the major lack of structural or policy impact on the youth field due to the low level of involvement of local, regional and national authorities in the support of youth actions that hampers any sort of long term development.
In order to achieve its goals and act according to its mission, EPYD is implementing between the 15th of August 2009 and the 15th February 2010 a new project.

Learning By Doing is a group EVS project that shall gather for 6 months 10 young volunteers from all over Europe, giving them opportunities to experience and grow on personal level as well as the challenge to contribute to the European Awareness and civic involvement of the project’ target group.  The target group consist of young people aged from 12 – 25. The various activities that are to be developed within the EVS project in general as well as additional activities developed by the organization and its members will provide the volunteers with a rich intercultural learning context:

The volunteers will live and work in a rich intercultural environment created by the number of peers volunteers (along the volunteers hosted by EPYD we will encourage the cooperation with the volunteers from a neighbouring county, hosted by two partner organizations, as well as other foreigners which live and study in the region -Craiova University hosts plenty of foreign students) and will develop for the target group various non formal educational activities (art, music, drama, sport, languages, discussions on culture, European Values, etc). The majority of the activities will be implemented with the direct support of the education institutions where the youngsters from the target group are studying.

All volunteers are to be stationed in the capital city of the Oltenia Region, Craiova, a popular University town, with over 30.000 students, full of life and opportunities and personal development.

Theme: Community Development and European Active Participation and Citizenship

Provide opportunities for the volunteers personal growth, skills and abilities development
Provide for the volunteers the context for intercultural expression, creativity and innovation
Promote and develop non formal education as a method for active citizenship and civic involvement of youngsters
Strengthen the role of the education institutions in providing and promoting non formal educational activities that spur youngsters active participation
Raise youngsters European Awareness, promote European values and get youngsters more sensitive towards the actual global challenges
Encourage the active participation to the community life of youngsters with less opportunities
Raise language awareness by encouraging communication in mother tongue as well as other foreign languages
Develop and strengthen cooperation relations in between the project partners as well as other stakeholders directly involved in the project (cooperation between education institutions – both on local, regional as well as European level)

Hosting communities: Craiova

1.Association Droni - Georgia

2.Federation Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) - Armenia

3.European Movement - Latvia

4.Genctur - Turkey

5.Jugendbildungsstätte unterfranken - Germany

6.Ev Schulerinnen - und Schulerarbeit in Westfalen - Germania

7.Youth centre Babilona – Lituania

8.Barcelona Voluntaria – Spain

9.Ayuntamiento de Vitoria - gasteiz. Oficina de Movilidad Joven

10.Associazione culturale "Arci - Strauss" - Italy

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.