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Promoting YEP and EVS in Peru

The partner in the Youth Empowerment Network, from Peru, started in January a series of actions with the purpose of promoting YEP and EVS among organizations working in the youth field. Jovenes de Buena Voluntad had a structured and consistent work, unfolding until March in the region of Ventanilla-Lima,  as following: meetings with 20 organisations with the purpose of informing them about YEP and the opportunity that this programme is offering by creating a network of organizations in the framework of EVS; organizing field visits with the purpose of knowing each organization’s activity; organizing a common meeting for the organizations to help them know each other; filling in some forms, to define the volunteer’s activities.

  Other actions of great impact in promoting YEP and EVS and attracting partners, held in the month of March, were: participating at a round table on volunteering organized by the United Nations in Peru, together with the most well known organization in the country; presentation of YEP during a meeting with the president of the National Youth Council which is an organism belonging to the government; making a presentation of YEP for REDAFI, which is a network of organizations in the region of South America, implying countries like Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazilia.

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My name is Camila from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I finished teaching secondary education. I love to go in new places, meet with people, and hanging out with my friends, I love to read books and learn historical facts. Now I live in in Sadu, this town is super quite and people are kind and they treat us very well. Children are very beautiful and they are always willing to be with us, they have a lot of curiosity and we try our best to understand them. I enjoyed being here, I think this is a huge opportunity, and I'm growing as a person. This is very different to live in a different country with people you've never met or do not know, is that it also does not speak the same language as you, that has different customs, but has the same goal that's what matters, is an adventure with great learning to be here.
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