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Promoting YEP and EVS in Peru

The partner in the Youth Empowerment Network, from Peru, started in January a series of actions with the purpose of promoting YEP and EVS among organizations working in the youth field. Jovenes de Buena Voluntad had a structured and consistent work, unfolding until March in the region of Ventanilla-Lima,  as following: meetings with 20 organisations with the purpose of informing them about YEP and the opportunity that this programme is offering by creating a network of organizations in the framework of EVS; organizing field visits with the purpose of knowing each organization’s activity; organizing a common meeting for the organizations to help them know each other; filling in some forms, to define the volunteer’s activities.

  Other actions of great impact in promoting YEP and EVS and attracting partners, held in the month of March, were: participating at a round table on volunteering organized by the United Nations in Peru, together with the most well known organization in the country; presentation of YEP during a meeting with the president of the National Youth Council which is an organism belonging to the government; making a presentation of YEP for REDAFI, which is a network of organizations in the region of South America, implying countries like Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazilia.

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Hello, I'm Lida, I came from Jerev, Armenia. I'm 30 years old, I finished psychology, as volunteer I worked with autistic kids and with small kids, I've done art and theatre therapy with then. Now I live in Musetesti. I really like people, kids, they are open-minded, kids and friendly. I like that here is safe place. I work with different age kids, teach them French language, different kind of art and other. In this project I would like to learn new interesting things and to share my experience with others.
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