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Promoting YEP and EVS through a national tour of seminars in Camerun, 24th of January-23rd of February 2010

Following the meeting of the YEP partners in Norfolk England the members of Association Jeunesse Verte du Camerun, who are also part of the network of organizations ,,Youngsters for the forests of Central Africa” ( REJEFAC ), have decided to sensitize different actors and partners. The first step was to send a presentation of EVS via electronic email to the partners of Association Jeunesse Verte du Camerun. According to the answers received, AJVC decided to start a tour in 10 regions of the country. The email with the presentation was sent to the Minister of Youth and Environment, to certain delegates, congressmen and local authorities, to the media, to the local OSC and to the members of the network REJEFAC.

Starting with 24th of January until 23rd of February, the president of Association Jeunesse Verte du Camerun and at the same time, regional coordinator of the network REJEFAC, Tamoifo Nkom Marie, accompanied by a delegation of members of the two entities, have made a national tour of Camerun. Two major axes marked this tournament: the meeting with the focal points – AJVC/REJEFAC - and the presentation of EVS programme and YEP project to the organizations working with youth, probably potential partners on EVS programme at local level.

The region from South Camerun was the first to receive the visit of Tamoifo Marie and a group of youngsters coming from Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. The caravan continued it’s itinerary in the region of Litoral; South-West; Grand –North; East; in the Center and West. Each step of the tour, had a large number of participants, on average, around 40.

The president of AJVC has chosen these regions because Cameroon is split in ten regions and she didn’t want to exclude any of them from receiving the information and also because AJVC and the the network REJEFAC have partner organizations in those regions, reason for which, the regions are called focal points.

The objectives of these meetings with the focal points were related to planning the activities within the frame of EVS; the changes of the activities for 2010, concerning the network and the EVS programme; the propositions and the major obstacles concerning the implementation of EVS programme; organizations wishing to be part of this programme. Moreover, these meetings which brought together the young members and potential members have been a good occasion for the president of AJVC to present EVS as a project of change for the youngsters. The EVS programme has been very appreciated and encouraged by the members of the different organizations. The participants have brought their contributions by expressing their opinions.

The meetings were also related to the following concrete objectives:

  • To involve the youngsters in the fight against global warming using the report from Copehague
  • To promote the exchange of information among youngsters
  • To explain the EVS programme and to select the partner organizations
  •  Monitoring of activities of regional focal points for future training
  • Participate in the celebration of youth by highlighting a new project


The peak of the tournament has been the celebration of the 44th edition of the ,,Celebration of Youth”. The celebration took place on the 10th and 11th of February, through a march, along the avenue no 20 in Yaounde.

The general appreciation on the meetings was that the debates have been intense and it is remarkable the active involvement of the participants.

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