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Seminars in Argentina promoting YEP and EVS, February – March 2010

The seminars were interesting and efficient spaces to interact with local NGOs from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Salta – the biggest towns in Argentina where OAJNU ( Organization Argentina of Youth for the United Nations ) has it’s area of action -  to inform their referents about the European Voluntary Service and Project YEP, and to introduce them on how the program works.

In Buenos Aires, around 20 people participated in the Conference. Referents of Voluntariado Global ( Global Volunteering ), Hostelling International, Opción Argentina, and the Federal Platform of Argentinean Youth took part at the seminars and showed a deep interest to work on the EVS.

In Salta, the participants came from the city of Salta but also from smaller cities from the Province of Salta. They expressed their enthusiasm to be part of this initiative and at the same time their doubts on their capacity of managing EVS projects and assuming the responsibilities as partners of an EVS Program, as they realized the complexity of these projects. Members of northern Salta Organizations pointed out that this kind of projects would be very helpful for their communities because it would represent a way to share experiences with foreign youngsters who would then understand the philosophic and cultural vision of the world of Originating People in Latin America.

Actually, the authorities of OAJNU Salta are meeting some referents of NGOs to analyze the activities and actions the volunteers would develop in their institutions.

In Rosario, the Seminar took place in February 2010. It was an opportunity for OAJNU to have a first meeting with institutions from Rosario and the Metropolitan Area, students and members of OAJNU. The referents of the participant NGOs asked about the interest that potential volunteers from Europe could have in their projects and many of them showed a strong decision to deepen their social work integrating European volunteers. They also considered the EVS as a great opportunity for Argentinean youth to access to a different experience of learning. There was a general consensus in the need to promote the E.V.S in vulnerable sectors of Rosario in order to encourage young people with less opportunities to be part of an initiative of informal learning and personal progress.

In March 12th OAJNU will do the Seminar in Córdoba and during the following week in Mendoza.

During the promotion of the Seminars, organizations from Formosa, Catamarca, Entre Ríos and Neuquén, provinces where OAJNU has no presence, showed their intention to be part of the Project as an effect of the dissemination activities and a proof of the impact of the organizations. Therefore, OAJNU is analyzing how to integrate them in the Training Courses on EVS that will take place in June in Argentina.

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Hello, I am Elizabeth, from Valencia, Spain. I am 26 years old. I am biologist and I studied Master of Secondary school teacher. I work as volunteer in association of people with mental and physical disabilities. Also I work as volunteer with homeless people. I like photography, music, nature and swimming. I love to work with kids and with people, who need help. Now I live in Novaci and I think that Gorj is very nice rural place. The people are very friendly, and the landscapes are so nice. I this project I really want to learn a lot of new things, to know better new cultures, languages (I want to improve my English language).
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