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TC  12th -21st of May,  Romania, Gorj county

The Regional Association for Rural Development developed between 12th and 21st of May a residential  Training Course ,,Quality in EVS management”, in Romania, Gorj county.

The TC gathered the representatives of the seven partner organizations from Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Argentina, Peru, Sweden, UK and Romania who have joint their efforts  since 1st  of November 2009 to work on  the project Youth Empowerment Programme.  Each of the seven partners has recruited for the Training Course one  representative of other organizations in their countries interested in enrolling in the trans-continental network of organizations that will activate and will collaborate through projects within the European Voluntary Service.

The results of this Training Course aimed at preparing  14 trainers who will provide trainings on European Voluntary Service to youngsters from at least 10 organizations upon their return in their countries.

The Training Course included workshops on attitudes, knowledge and skills in project management, including field visits, practical sessions and project design,  targeting quality of projects within the European Voluntary Service. The sessions approached topics like community and organizational needs assessment; recruitment and profile of volunteers; design of capacity building programme; mentoring and coaching; risk assessment; monitoring and evaluation; technical aspects of EVS projects: food, accommodation, finances, health insurance, visa; EVS project management: preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, follow-up. The sessions were designed to have a lead-in part, a practical part where the participants were asked to apply some exercises and a debriefing part where the conclusions were drawn. The Training Course included also field visits in two communities from Gorj county – Tismana and Motru – where volunteers were hosted and three TV broadcasts in local televisions.

During the Training Course the participants worked on a joint action plan, designing two projects that will strengthen their collaboration and will ensure continuity to the current project: one of the projects concerns sending and hosting volunteers in the countries currently involved in the network, from Africa, Latin America and Europe and the second project concerns the exchange of best practices and between youth workers from the countries in the network.

The Course ended with an online evaluation session when the participants could give their feed-back on the training: evaluation of trainers, sessions, working groups, group cohesion. The results of the evaluation indicated a high level of satisfaction concerning the quality and usefulness of the information delivered.

The Training Course was also an opportunity to take stock of the input of each partner in the Youth Empowerment Programme, analyzing and discussing the achievements and obstacles and compiling an interim report.

The Training Course represents the fifth activity in the nine activities calendar established within the project Youth Empowerment Programme.

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My name is Camila from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I finished teaching secondary education. I love to go in new places, meet with people, and hanging out with my friends, I love to read books and learn historical facts. Now I live in in Sadu, this town is super quite and people are kind and they treat us very well. Children are very beautiful and they are always willing to be with us, they have a lot of curiosity and we try our best to understand them. I enjoyed being here, I think this is a huge opportunity, and I'm growing as a person. This is very different to live in a different country with people you've never met or do not know, is that it also does not speak the same language as you, that has different customs, but has the same goal that's what matters, is an adventure with great learning to be here.
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