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Workshop on network scoping , 12-16th  of November 2009, Norfolk, England

The Workshop on network scoping took place in between 12th and 16th of November, 2009, in Norfolk England, as the first activity that marked the beginning of the Youth Empowerment Programme.

The Workshop gathered the country managers from the seven partner organisations, two experts, the project manager and assistant. The workshop sessions have consisted of open discussions on the key topics set out in the agenda: all technicalities in the project (travel, visa, finances, fine tune responsibilities); to define common aims, goals, actions; to define the benchmarking methodology to be used for tracking developments in the project and all indicators to be used for monitoring.

The partners prepared for this meeting local/regional/country reports on international volunteering. Each one of them made a presentation of it’s report, analysing their needs, priorities, opportunities and exchanging experiences in volunteering work in general and international volunteering in particular.

The partners also established during this meeting the country field action – strategic directions for action - the project regulations and  the immediate steps to follow.

The meeting offered the partners the opportunity to get to know each other as organizations – by having discussions on the background of the organization – but also as individuals – experience, competences, attitudes and feed-backs – strengthening the relationships, thereby laying the foundation of a fruitful collaboration.

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Hello, I am Orlando from S. Joao da Madeira, Portugal. I finished sociology in Beira Interior University. I can't live without movies, I realy like to analyze them. Now I live in Targu Carbunesti, in quite nice town, where people are open-minded and nice, kids are curious and friendly, I think I have very good relationship with them. From this project I want to learn and discovered what I want to do in my life. Oh, I really don't like Romanian food.
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