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Promoting YEP and EVS through a national tour of seminars in Camerun, 24th of January-23rd of February 2010,

The partner in the Youth Empowerment Network, from Peru, started in January a series of actions with the purpose of promoting YEP and EVS among organizations working in the youth field. Jovenes de Buena Voluntad had a structured and consistent work, unfolding until March in the region of Ventanilla-Lima,  as following: meetings with 20 organisations with the purpose of informing them about YEP and the opportunity that this programme is offering by creating a network of organizations in the framework of EVS; organizing field visits with the purpose of knowing each organization’s activity; organizing a common meeting for the organizations to help them know each other; filling in some forms, to define the volunteer’s activities.


Promoting YEP and EVS in Peru,

Following the meeting of the YEP partners in Norfolk England the members of Association Jeunesse Verte du Camerun, who are also part of the network of organizations ,,Youngsters for the forests of Central Africa” ( REJEFAC ), have decided to sensitize different actors and partners. The first step was to send a presentation of EVS via electronic email to the partners of Association Jeunesse Verte du Camerun. According to the answers received, AJVC decided to start a tour in 10 regions of the country. The email with the presentation was sent to the Minister of Youth and Environment, to certain delegates, congressmen and local authorities, to the media, to the local OSC and to the members of the network REJEFAC.


Seminars in Argentina promoting YEP and EVS, February – March 2010

The seminars were interesting and efficient spaces to interact with local NGOs from Buenos Aires, Rosario and Salta – the biggest towns in Argentina where OAJNU ( Organization Argentina of Youth for the United Nations ) has it’s area of action -  to inform their referents about the European Voluntary Service and Project YEP, and to introduce them on how the program works.


 Seminar on promoting EVS, in the frame of YEP project, 22nd-24th of January, Romania

The field action in YEP project started with promoting EVS. Between 22nd and  24th of January the Regional Association for Rural Development organized a seminar in Craiova, launching invitations to all the organizations working in the youth field from Oltenia region. The objectives of the seminar were: to promote EVS; to offer to the participant organizations the possibility to enroll in the network as a sending/hosting organization; to expand the regional partnership on EVS development; to set up the country database with organizations willing to get involved in trans-national volunteering.


Workshop on network scoping , 12-16th  of November 2009, Norfolk, England

The Workshop on network scoping took place in between 12th and 16th of November, 2009, in Norfolk England, as the first activity that marked the beginning of the Youth Empowerment Programme.


EVS in Italy : UBUNTU

CESIE in partnership with ARDR and other 4 ngos from 4 countries were approved the programme EVS group by the European Commission- hence, we are looking for 2 volunteers to tale part in the Ubuntu project in Italy starting with 1st of February 2010.Ubuntu is a group EVS which involve 10 volunteers from five European countries (UK, France, Austria, Romania, Estonia) who will work together for 10 months in CE.S.I.E’s activities in the neighbourhood of Ballarò. The activities will be centred around the themes of minorities, interculturality, local community development and creativity and innovation and the objectives are to promote intercultural dialogue, develop innovative and creative tools in order to promote community development and integration, promote the personal and professional development of each volunteer, stimulate the notions of active citizenship and participation at both local and EU levels, promote the YiA programme and develop new partnerships. Activities will permit the volunteers to work with a variety of beneficiaries (children, women, families, immigrant groups): assisting in an intercultural playgroup, community workshops, the development of initiatives which promote intercultural dialogue, promotion of YiA programme and EVS to peers and the development of a personal project which will allow them to expand their knowledge and skills in a chosen area related to the project and its objectives. Learning methods will be non-formal and will include active and participatory learning – “learning by doing” – and collaborative and cooperative learning. In addition UNESCO’s “Four Pillars of Education” – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be - will be employed.


How can the quality of EVS project be improved? Why should I after all get myself/school/organization involved into?
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The volunteers from the RuraLearn project are talking with the students from the Faculties of Targu JIu: Engineering, Sports, Law and Economy. The students are very open to get information about new opportunities

 Meet a volunteer

Hello, I'm Lida, I came from Jerev, Armenia. I'm 30 years old, I finished psychology, as volunteer I worked with autistic kids and with small kids, I've done art and theatre therapy with then. Now I live in Musetesti. I really like people, kids, they are open-minded, kids and friendly. I like that here is safe place. I work with different age kids, teach them French language, different kind of art and other. In this project I would like to learn new interesting things and to share my experience with others.
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