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EVS Project S.A.V.E. - Social Awareness and Volunteering in Europe
Gorj, Romania



EI Ref: RO-21-058-2012-R2-EPW

Duration of Service: 8 Months

Period of EVS Service: November 1st, 2012 – June 30th, 2013

Number of Volunteers: 4

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S.A.V.E is a Group EVS project that will focus on social awareness raising and inclusion of people (in particular youngsters) with less opportunities from Targu Jiu, Targu Carbunesti and Suseni by means of non formal education, outdoor activities and cultural diversity set in place by ARDR with the support of European Volunteers.

 The project objectives:

 Raise awareness and tolerance of the society towards socially assisted persons by means of public information campaigns and social actions
 Develop together with the 4 volunteers a model of work that stimulates autonomous organization, discussion and group work, the "learning by doing" and the individual responsibility in subjects
 Develop and implement together with the 4 volunteers a variety of non formal educational and outdoor activities for over 100 socially assisted persons, in order to raise their confidence, social and communication skills.
 Provide volunteers with the opportunity of initiating, developing and implementing new ideas and non formal educative activities in close co-operation with the beneficiary target group and the structures that cares/host them.
 Support and encourage the 4 volunteers to acquire additional skills and aptitudes in the following fields:
- social inclusion and tolerance towards youngsters with less opportunities
- youth active participation
- cultural diversity and richness
- non formal educational methods and tools
- multilinguistic competences
 Provide an efficient preparation and coaching of all volunteers by insuring their participation to the specific EVS training and evaluation meetings (Pre –departure, On Arrival, Final Evaluation etc).
 Strengthen the role of the Local Institutions (Local Public Administration, Education Institutions) in the community non formal educative activities;
 Increase the capacity of youth structures in managing European Voluntary Service programmes
 Foster long term collaboration in between partner organizations in the framework of European Voluntary Service


The first month – is dedicated to the cultural and technical accommodation of the volunteers, training and coaching:
The first week upon arrival all volunteers will undergo a capacity building programme. The programme will focus on volunteers skills development in terms of project management and non formal education methods. Furthermore, technical information regarding accommodation, food, working methods, financial aspects , etc will be clearly explained. 
The next week the volunteers will have time to discover the community where the next eight months will stay and do specific activities.
The next week of the month through trainings and planning meetings all volunteers will make an activity schedule for the next 8 months helped by ARDR team.
The final week of the first month, the volunteers will participate at the On Arrival Training, with the National Agency.
The remaining 7 months will focus on the community and target group, and also personal development, during which the volunteers will get actively involved in developing non formal educational activities with the youngsters.


The hosting organization will provide each volunteer with a monthly food allowance from which they shall cover the alimentation costs. The allowance is enough for insuring a very good living standard (being much higher than the amount and average citizen from the region spends for food). However the allowance will not be enough for ensuring every day eating in a restaurant or bistro.


The local transportation costs of the volunteers necessary for the activities implementation will be covered 100% by the association from the project budget. 
The international transport of the volunteer from his/her home to the site of the project shall be covered 90% - two ways (Economy flight tickets and/or 2nd class train tickets). 
The personal transport of the volunteers (local, national or international) will be not in the responsibility of the association.

Language training

Due to the importance of communication with the people from the hosting communities (most of them can not speak any foreign languages) will be of crucial importance for the volunteers to learn the Romanian Language at a good speaking level. 
The volunteers will have the responsibility to attend all language courses according to the schedule as well as to make every effort in studying and learning the language. 
The Coordinating Organizations will arrange for Romanian Language Courses on weekly basis. The Romanian language lessons shall be provided by experienced language teachers. The content and structure of the language courses will be projected together with the volunteers, taking into consideration their learning abilities and needs. 
The language courses will be provided free of charge for the volunteers. 
The costs of the language training and all other costs related to it are to be covered by the hosting organization. 

Pocket money 

Each volunteer is entitled to receive a 60 Euro monthly allowance – pocket money, which they can spent as they choose/want/need. 


  • Working with youngsters - helping with non-formal language conversations in English or in the volunteer's mother tongue; organize non-formal educational activities, particularly in the areas of arts/drama, crafts, sport, developing practical and social skills; cultural activities – intercultural evenings, cooking workshops, country and tradition presentations ; outdoor activities – gardening, cleaning, camping, sports, walks, etc.
  • Working with older people. The volunteers can play bingo and other group games with the people hosted, can accompany them for a walk or help the staff in providing them with food. Other activities in the house can be: working together in the garden, assisting in therapy sessions.


  1. Associazione Culturale Link - Italy
  2. NGO Youth exchange agency - Lithuania
  3. AYRUDZY - Armenia

 Meet a volunteer

Hello, my name is Justina, I am 24 years old, I came from Druskininkai, Lithuania. I volunteered in NGO Lietuvos Atgaja and worked as journalist before EVS. And now I came in Romania, Gorj county to be part of W.A.V.E.2 project. I live in very small Musetesti community (there are only 2000 people, but they are so friendly and open-minded). I would never change this place in any other. Other here I work with different age kids (from 4 to 16): teach them English language, different kids of painting, we are playing, acting and more other. And this is only start of project, but I know that this experience will change my life
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