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EVS Project S.E.E.D. 2 -Sport Education for intEgration Development
Dolj, Romania



Duration of Service: 9 Months

Period of EVS Service:February 15th, 2011 – November 15th, 2011

Number of Volunteers:10

Project details Activities


SEED II represents the concrete follow up of the current SEED project. The motivation to launch a second phase of SEED project was due to the positive impact which is being currently manifested in the three communities in relation to the participation and inclusion of the target group, education institutions responsibility and responsiveness as well as parents support and involvement.

SEED II further addressed the aim to spur the involvement, active participation and cooperation between Roma and Romanian youngsters. The project involved 10 volunteers from 8 Programme Countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Sweden), and has been implemented in Craiova for 9 months, in three locations: Mofleni, Popoveni and Catargiu

SEED II was divided in 4 main phases: A training and preparation phase (Pre Departure Training, Capacity Building Training, On Arrival Training), A cultural and organizational accommodation phase (Community Discovery), Community Activities Phase and a Monitoring and Evaluation Phase (Mid term and Final Evaluation, Monthly Evaluations and Weekly meetings)

The methods that were used during the project focused on sport activities and non formal outdoor activities (games, camping, etc).

Location: S.E.E.D II shall be implemented in Gorj Counties in the following sites:
- Dorj county: Mofleni, Popoveni and Catargiu

The project objectives:

Development of activities that stimulate the personal development of both volunteers as well as the target group and contribute to the further consolidation of the process launched and piloted by the current EVS project in order to increase the cooperation between Roma and Romanian Youngsters, raise local institutions awareness towards the Roma issues and further responsabilise them, break prejudices and raise tolerance.

 Meet a volunteer

Hello, I am Elizabeth, from Valencia, Spain. I am 26 years old. I am biologist and I studied Master of Secondary school teacher. I work as volunteer in association of people with mental and physical disabilities. Also I work as volunteer with homeless people. I like photography, music, nature and swimming. I love to work with kids and with people, who need help. Now I live in Novaci and I think that Gorj is very nice rural place. The people are very friendly, and the landscapes are so nice. I this project I really want to learn a lot of new things, to know better new cultures, languages (I want to improve my English language).
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