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EI Ref: RO-21-44-2009-R4

Duration of Service: 9 Months

Period of EVS Service: February 1st, 2010 – November 1st, 2010

Number of Volunteers:10

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SEED (Sport Education for intEgration Development) is a Group EVS project having as main aim the involvement, active participation and cooperation between Rroma and Romanian youngsters. The project will involve 10 volunteers from Programme Countries, and will be implemented in Craiova for 9 months, basically in three communities were Rroma youngsters are living and studying (only in a separated manner from the Romanian pupils).

The project aims also towards volunteer personal development, providing them opportunities for intercultural learning and cultural awareness, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and use of sport as educational tool.

The project is divided in 5 main phases: a Capacity building training, the preparation of the activities schedule, through trainings and planning meetings, the implementation of the after-school non formal educational activities, the implementation of the Summer Camp and the Evaluation. Furthermore, during the whole duration of the project, weekly and monthly evaluation meetings will take place, in order to establish a constant reciprocal monitoring of the implementation of the project in between the volunteers and the project-coordinators.

Locations: Craiova (Mofleni, Lascar Catargiu and Popoveni neighbourhoods), Scoala n°26, Str. Banu Stepan nr.20, 200819 Craiova; Scoala n° 19, Str. Baraganului nr. 45, Craiova, Dolj, Romania. Scoala Generala Popoveni.

Musetesti: Nature Inn


During the first two weeks, all volunteers are to be accommodated in a guest house in 2 bedded rooms with TV set and own bathroom.

After the two weeks, all volunteers will be distributed in apartments with 3 and 4 rooms, each volunteer will have his/her own room and will be able to receive guests. The living location will meet decent living standards (private room, free access to kitchen and bathroom, current cold and hot water, functioning heating system, clean and secure location). All accommodation and utility costs (water, gas, electricity) shall be covered by the hosting organization.


The office of EPYD in Craiova is divided in two locations: the one on Petre Ispirecu Street, Camin 6, Parter is the volunteers office and it’s being shared with the participants to the other EVS project held in Craiova Learning by Doing.The other office on Electroputere street, nr. 22 is the Staff office, but it can be used at times by does who can work better by themselves.

Both offices have all necessary working equipment and supplies, such as computers with broadband internet connection; basic word processing programs (Microsoft Office); a laser copy machine, a scanner, phone and fax.Supplies such as paper, pens, markers, etc. are stocked, and anything else that the volunteer feels that they need for a project may be requisitioned within the budget limits of the project. The association has also a digital photo and video camera as well as a video projector than can be used upon request in relation with a project / activity implementation.

The offices are located in a quiet and very nice area, about 20 minutes walking from the centre of the city.

The volunteers office open every week day, Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00.


The hosting organization will provide each volunteer with a monthly food allowance. The allowance is above the average amount that most of the locals spend on food. However, the allowance will not be enough for ensuring every day eating in a restaurant or bistro.

There are places in Craiova were you can eat a three course cooked lunch and a decent dinner at a reasonable price. Upon arrival, you will be introduced to the best eating and shopping locations from Craiova.

Bear in mind that the amount was calculated according to reasonable food products – and not some specialities or very expensive brands that a middle-income person cannot afford.

Just to give you an idea, the minimum wage in Romania is 550 Ron out of which, after paying all taxes the citizen receives only 420 Ron. Out of this amount one has to support all costs – food, accommodation, travel, phone, clothes, and in most cases the costs of another member of the family – a child.


The volunteer local transportation will be covered exclusively for the travels made by the volunteers for the benefit of the EVS project.

The personal transport of the volunteer within or outside the community is to be covered by the volunteer from his/her own financial resources – pocket money or private money.

The transportation shall be reimbursed only if made by means of the local transport authority: bus, tram.

Transportation by means of TAXI is not covered!!!

Language training

Due to the importance of communication with the people from the hosting community (most of them cannot speak any foreign languages) will be of crucial importance for the volunteers to learn the Romanian Language at a good speaking level. The volunteers will have the responsibility to attend all language courses according to the schedule as well as to make every effort in studying and learning the language. The Coordinating Organizations will provide Romanian Language Courses for the entire period of the EVS according to the following draft schedule:

The first month – an intensive language course will take place for the Volunteers with a frequency of 2 hours/day – 5 days/ week.

The next weeks – the language courses will be provided on to all volunteers with a frequency of 1 session/ week.

The language courses will be provided free of charge for the entire period of the EVS project.

1.Italy - Arci Comitato Territoriale di Catania(ARCI Catania)

2.Latvia - Radi Vidi Pats

3.Latvia - Assocciation of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia

4.Sweden - Culture & Leisure Dep. City of Molndal , Sweden

5.Czech Republic - O.s. Hodina H

6.Norway - NEVO - Norwegian ex-Volunteer Organization

7.Italy - Arcistrauss

8.Austria - Landesjugendreferat Karten

 Meet a volunteer

Hello, I am Orlando from S. Joao da Madeira, Portugal. I finished sociology in Beira Interior University. I can't live without movies, I realy like to analyze them. Now I live in Targu Carbunesti, in quite nice town, where people are open-minded and nice, kids are curious and friendly, I think I have very good relationship with them. From this project I want to learn and discovered what I want to do in my life. Oh, I really don't like Romanian food.
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