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Administrative staff

Throughout the whole world wide volunteering journey, the administrative staff makes sure that you have a safe trip back home. From day one when you decide to drop you first enquiry into the programme to your volunteering placement and back home, our administrative staff monitors and assist your thoroughly. The administrative staff consists of the enrolment managers, worldwide volunteering managers, support services  (fundraising, communication, finances, ITs).
Worldwide volunteering managers
They are trained to get you enrolled and prepared for the country you want to sign up- they will give info on the culture, practical details of the volunteering placement and answer your questions.
They are in permanent contact with the permanent country/regional programme director and also with your family.
They monitor closely your volunteering placement and they are ready to take action if need.
They also take care of your insurance, travel and visa procedures.
Apart from that, they are responsible for the communication within the Youth Empowerment Network for the respective continent.
In case you do not have a country/regional director, please contact one of our Worldwide volunteering managers in charge with your geographical area.

Worldwide volunteering manager for the European Union and the coordinator of the online Yes for EVS Platform

Alex has been in the NGO field for more than 7 years now, scaling up from a volunteer position to the one he currently holds. Alex is about to graduate in Automatics but he definitely is tuned on continuing with a master in Community Development and European Integration. He has worked in numerous EVS group projects as project manager.
Currently he is the Head of the Life Long Learning Education Unit of the Regional Association for Rural Development.
+40 766 271 694
County Director in Gorj County

Andreea  holds a BA in Social Work. Currently she works  in the implementation of the RuraLearn EVS group project. She was involved twice with the US Work and Travel programme which gave her a thorough insight and hands on experiences in volunteering programmes.
+40 744 905 434
Serban NAGY
County manager EVS RRoma

Șerban is 21 years old and he is a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sociology specialization , at the University of Craiova. He has participated in numerous sociological researches doing both field work as well as data precessing. He has been working within the youth field for over a year, taking on different positions in 4 projects until now. Currently he is working as a project assistant for ARDR.
+40 766 670 465
Support services
From the daily support for the operation of the organization, these people make sure that your volunteering placement and the mission of the YES for EVS platform is getting accomplished every day.

Cristina Pasatoiu
Fundraising and project managent consultant

Cristina has been a fundraiser for the last 6 years attracting financial support from numerous donors like the European Commission- Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, the Balkan Trust Fund- a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Ministry of Youths and Sports, Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (SAPARD), European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), Cross-Border Cooperation Programme- Romania- Bulgaria, European Social Fund- Operational Programme for Administrative Capacity Development (PO DCA), European Social Fund- Operational Programme for Human Resources Development (POS DRU).

She is about to round up her PhD project in the European Union Cohesion Policy- an applied case in the South West Development Region of Romania.


Florin was born and raised in Musetesti, Gorj county , Romania and graduated in Letters (University of Craiova, Romania) and  European Studies (University of Aalborg, Denmark).
He is the founder of the Yes for EVS platform in 2008 as part of an EVS group project he was advising for.  At the moment he advises the team of Yes for EVS platform.
He used to work as a trainer for the National Agency for Youth in Romania and for few SALTO Centres.  He has been a consultant for numerous NGOs in Romania and worldwide.
Currently he teaches in development at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova, Romania, and he is involved in his PhD project focusing on the impact of good governance on development. But, definitely the international youth field is to stay as part of his hobby preoccupations.


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